How much does math tutoring cost in NYC?

If you’re considering hiring a math tutor, naturally cost is going to be something you’ll consider in making your decision. For those who haven’t hired a math tutor before, sticker shock can be an issue. There’s no getting around it – tutoring is expensive.

I’m able to keep my rates competitive and below the city average because it’s just me and I don’t have to pay for office space and all the other overhead that goes along with running a larger business, but my hourly rates still aren’t cheap.

While I don’t have exact numbers, here’s how I would break down the rates in NYC:

$20 – $50/hr – Tutors charging less than $50/hr. are either new to tutoring or aren’t very good at what they do. When I first started tutoring in DC, I started at $35/hr., but I became flooded with so much repeat business that I had to quickly raise my rates over $50/hr. It’s unlikely you’ll find a good tutor in this price range in NYC, but you could get lucky.

$50 – $100/hr – My rates are in this range right now and will probably stay there as long as I’m a tutor. It’s the more reasonable range, in my opinion, and most established independent tutors and some agencies are in this range.

$100 – $200/hr – It’s not uncommon to see rates over $100/hr. from agencies and even from some private tutors, but I wouldn’t recommend paying this high of a rate without a trusted referral. Some of these tutors are truly worth the money for 1-on-1 tutoring, but I don’t think I would pay anyone that much for a class or group session so be careful.

$200+/hr – Yes, they do exist, but you probably shouldn’t be paying this much unless you can comfortably afford it and the tutor is highly recommended by someone you trust.

Why does tutoring cost so much?

Tutoring certainly isn’t cheap and you might be wondering why that is so here are 2 main reasons.

1. There is a huge demand.

Education is extremely important in today’s world and closely linked to future earnings so naturally parents want the best for their kids and tutoring is one way to help them get that. Math skills are especially important in landing a solid job in the future and nobody wants to be left behind. Bottom line is there’s just a lot of potential customers out there and that drives costs up.

2. It’s never really just 1 hour.

Although my rates are based on tutoring time, there’s preparation, travel time, and sometimes extra expenses (maybe the subway fare, for example) to account for. A good way to get a discount with a private tutor is to offer to meet at a place convenient to them and thereby eliminating their travel time. I’m often flexible with my rates so it’s something you can ask me about.

I hope this article has given you a better understanding of why tutoring can be expensive and what to expect in hiring a tutor in NYC.

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